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AVA Trustees Limited is a Trustee firm licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide trust services in the Nigerian Capital Market to both private, corporate and governmental bodies.

We offer a wide bouquet of bespoke Trust Services in the Nigerian Capital Market and play a pivotal role in transactions involving Government and Corporate Bond Issuances, State /Agency Bonds, Security Trusteeship, Syndicated/Consortium Loans, Family trust, etc., wherein we primarily protect the interest of Bond/Noteholders, Sukuk holders, Lenders, Investors, Beneficiaries, ensure safe custody of Trust Assets & Documents and monitor Issuers’ activities in order to guarantee compliance with the  Securities and Exchange Commission Rules,  Investment and Securities Act, 2007, Trust Deed and other Transaction Documents.

AVA Trustees has adopted an integrated business solution-oriented approach which ensures that our marketing, promotion and relationship management, documentation and operations are all effectively coordinated to provide cohesive services to our clientele.

Our processes have proven to not only produce significant value-creation but has also enhanced efficiency and speed up execution in the market place.

Our Team is made up of experts who possess hands-on experience in the administration of trust mandates in a wide range of money, capital market and real estate transactions including Bonds, Debenture Trusts, Collective Investment Schemes (Mutual Funds) and REITS.

We also act as Trustees to various Collective Investment Schemes (Mutual Funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts), providing our clients with security on their investments. As Trustees, we monitor   Fund Managers’ activities to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed, Prospectus and relevant regulations act in the interest of the Unit holders.

Our Private Trust service is designed to provide long-term wealth preservation; professional wealth management and investor services as well as personalized, cost- effective and highly confidential administration and disposition of assets within the precinct of our Clients’ express wishes. We offer a range of Estate Planning products and services designed to assist in making effective and enduring estate planning arrangements to families.

Vision: To be one of the foremost corporate trustees in Africa

Mission: To objectively provide specialized trust facilities to clients in a way that optimizes stakeholder value.

Core Values: Performance, Execution, Adaptability, Character, Enterprise.