A good education is the foundation to a better future. AVA Education Trust (AET) is a savings Trust managed by AVA Trustees which provides an enduring arrangement to cater for your educational needs or that of a named beneficiary. Such Beneficiary can be your offspring, siblings or any other Dependant.

AET enables the Settlor name the Beneficiary and also state the preferred standard or extent of education. As Trustee, we assist in outlining a financial plan that aligns with the desired educational goal and also ensure that the goals are achieved to the fullest.


  • It is highly flexible.
  • Option of investing a lump sum or a fixed periodic contribution.
    Can be funded through a revocable standing payment order through the Settlor’s Bank.
  • Availability of professional advice on the adequacy of pre-funding and guidance from a Team of experts towards ensuring an uninterrupted educational plan.
  • The school fees are paid directly to the schools by us as Trustee. This will help prevent the diversion of funds and to also reduce the burden on the Settlor.
    Settlor chooses the educational institution of choice, subject to the adequacy of the Trust Fund.
  • The Fund will be invested to earn guaranteed returns.

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