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PRODUCTAVA Savings and Investment Trust (ASIT)

The Ava Savings & Investment Trust (ASIT) solution gives you flexibility as your needs change through life’s unexpected turns. ASIT gives you the freedom to name beneficiaries to the funds when it’s needed the most because we know the last thing you need are complications for your loved ones during emergencies. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge on investment strategies that work in your best interest. So whichever way the tides turn tomorrow, we are here with you.

Product Information:AVA Savings and Investment Trust (ASIT)

  • Features
  • Setup Structure
  • It is highly flexible. A Settlor has the option of investing a lump sum and make fixed periodic contributions.
  • ASIT may be funded through a revocable standing payment order through the Settlor’s Bank.
  • ASIT’s primary objective is to enable the Settlor avail funds directly to named beneficiaries as specified in the Trust Deed upon demise.
Setup Structure
  • An initial minimum contribution of N100,000:00.
  • Subsequent periodic contributions.