ASIT is designed to enable Settlors who are desirous of earmarking either a lump sum or periodic contributions towards long term goals such as ensuring that funds are immediately made available to their immediate family upon demise. The Objective of this product is to enable Settlors put in place an alternative Financial plan that ensures the family is not thrown into a panic state and the family has direct access to funds pending the process for Grant of Probate where the person dies testate (with a Will in place) or intestate (without a Will).


  • It is highly flexible. A Settlor has the option of investing a lump sum or make fixed periodic contributions.
  • ASIT may be funded through a revocable standing payment order through the Settlor’s Bank.
  • ASIT’s primary objective is to enable the Settlor avail funds directly to named beneficiaries as specified in the Trust Deed upon demise.
  • Availability of professional advice and guidance from a Team of experts.
  • The Fund will be invested to earn guaranteed returns

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