Our team of Experts possess considerable experience in providing professional guidance to help you write a legally binding Will, lodgment of the Will, Applying for the grant of probate, Expediting legal process In processing of Probate Letters, Attachment of Additional Assets where some assets have been omitted, Confirming the value of the assets and debts of the Estate,  Disposal of Assets, Paying debts, taxes and other liabilities,  Paying out the Estate according to the Will as well as providing Estate accounts and tax returns. We are objective, impartial and adhere to principle of confidentiality in the discharge of our duties.

We primarily draft Soft and Comprehensive Will and where there is a need to alter the will without necessarily drafting an entirely new Will, a Codicil will be drafted. Our Professionals with expertise and experience will take you through making a Codicil where it is desired.

A SOFT Will covers RSA, Cash in Bank and Assets not exceeding N500,000:00 in value while Comprehensive Will covers RSA, Cash in Bank, Living Trust and Executorship.

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