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Join the AVA team.

We believe in individual growth and are deliberate in building teams of outstanding professionals.

At AVA Capital Group, our mission is to deliver long term value by providing innovative financial solutions that achieve optimal returns for our clients, provide excellent operational & strategic advisory that promotes sound financial management and contribute towards our communities and nation-building.  

You will work alongside people with diverse experiences and ideas to deliver on our mission and fulfil our vision; which is to be the preferred choice for financial advisory and management in all the markets we operate.

Interested in adding value and learning from other professionals? You should join the AVA team!

Our Ideal Employee

How innovative and driven are you?
How innovative are you in identifying solutions?
Do you adjust quickly to changing expectations, strategies, environment, etc,?
Do you have high ethical standards?
Are you an initiator and achiever?
Culture Fit
Can you align your values, goals and aspirations with ours?
How well do you work with others to achieve set goals?
Positive Attitude
Do you remain optimistic even in challenging situations?
Do you have the innate desire to effectively lead others?

CAREERWe always look out for self-motivated individuals like you