AVA Trustees is the Trustee services arm of the Ava Capital Group. We offer diverse, independent, and professional trusteeship and administration services to individuals, corporate organizations, state & federal governments and regulatory agencies within the fast-growing Nigerian capital market. AVA Trustees is licensed by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

As a professional trustee, our services are confidential, client-focused, and tailored to meet individual requirements. We provide comprehensive structuring and administrative services on a variety of trust arrangements, acting in a number of trustee roles from small portfolios like family trusts to more complex arrangements like employment related trusts and government bond issuances.

Our team is made up of experts who possess hands-on experience in the administration of trust mandates in a wide range of money, capital market and real estate transactions including Bonds, Debenture Trusts, Collective Investment Schemes (Mutual Funds) and REITS.


To objectively provide specialized trust facilities to clients in a way that optimizes stakeholder value.


To be the leading and preferred integrated Trust Services provider in West Africa

What We Do

As your advisors, our role at AVA Trustees is to ensure that your wishes are faithfully carried out, without bias, through time as articulated in the trust document. We take custody of your assets, and our knowledgeable management team will create bespoke investment and trust strategies to ensure managed assets and investments are productive. We will provide timely statements periodically to you and beneficiaries and defend the trust.

What is a Trust.

A trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows you to transfer assets to be held and managed by a third party. The party , known as a trustee, administers those assets on behalf of the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Simply put, a trust is like a locked safe where treasure is kept for someone else’s benefit. It can only be unlocked by the Trustee and yourself. The Trustee makes sound investment decisions and can invest the assets and distribute the contents in line with the terms of the trust.

What Can a Trust Do For You?.

A trust provides protection for your family and beneficiaries. A trust offers protection of assets for beneficiaries in case of litigation and/or creditor’s claims. It also provides access to funding for philanthropic donations, education, and health emergencies should you become incapacitated or upon passing. You have ultimate control and can specify the terms of the trust to address specific needs, it helps ease tax burdens and helps avoid the probate process and costs.

Our offerings .


You can entrust us with your private wealth or properties to protect for your use or your loved ones. We understand the complexities of private trusts and ensure that we have the interest of all involved beneficiaries at heart at all times.


A living Trust is one of the most flexible estate planning tools available and can be the foundation on which an individual’s financial and estate planning tool can be built. Living Trusts are created during an individual’s (Settlor) lifetime. We take on the  responsibility of managing your assets for the benefit of your nominated  beneficiary(ies). A Living Trust is designed to allow for the easy transfer of the trust creator or settlor’s assets while bypassing Inheritance Tax and the often complex and expensive legal process of probate. This Trust is created by a Trust Deed or Declaration of Trust.


At Ava Trustees, we offer experienced estate planning and administration solutions for when you need to protect and preserve the substantial assets you’ve acquired for your family. Our estate planning solutions ensures a smooth transition of your assets without complications for your loved ones/beneficiaries. Our team offers expert guidance, effective estate planning solutions and all around support to ensure your wealth passes into the right hands at the right time.


Our team of experts possess considerable experience in providing professional guidance to help you with  writing a legally binding Will, lodgment of the Will, applying for the grant of probate, expediting legal process in processing of Probate Letters, attachment of additional assets where some assets have been omitted and confirming the value of the assets and debts of the Estate. We are objective, impartial and adhere to principle of confidentiality in the discharge of our duties. Speak to one of our experts today.


Our public trust is structured to give comfort to both the public organization/agency involved and the investing public. With significant years of experience in the capital market, our team of experts manage the invested fund and manage the interests of the investing public in tandem.


A unit trust is a form of collective investment which allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool their funds together and thereafter invest in a portfolio of securities or other assets that will be beneficial to investors.



Government bonds are a type of debt-based investment in which investors (bond holders) lend money to the government in return for an agreed rate of interest. The funds are beneficial as they can be used by the government to build infrastructure or complete capital projects.


We provide tailored trust services to organizations that enable them meet obligations as soon as they arise while efficiently managing the interest of investors.


With vast experience in the financial industry, we act as Trustees in syndicated loans, ensuring the stakes of all involved parties are represented and repayment is well scheduled.


Similar to corporate bonds, we work with organizations raising debentures to protect the interest of debenture holders wherein we hold the secured assets on behalf of the Lenders.


Every developing organization needs capital which can be raised from the debt capital market. We will create the debt amortization schedules, manage the sinking fund, and ultimately represent the interests of investors.


For a successful share warehousing, an ingenious Trustee company is imperative. We are trained for this, and you can trust us to carefully map out all details needed and structure them for a successful transaction.


Private Trust offers custodial services to individual and corporate Clients. We act as custodians of important legal/title documents, share certificates and other valued articles belonging to our clients. We ensure the safe keeping of these assets and strictly adhere to the terms of the Custody Agreement.

Contact Information:Opeyemi Sadik

Chief Operating Officer

Mobile: +234 818 359 7404