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The AVA GAM Dollar fund allows multiple investors to aggregate their savings in a joint fund to be professionally managed in a portfolio to earn better returns in dollars. The fund is an actively managed open ended unit trust scheme, whose main objective is to achieve capital appreciation in the medium and long term for investors in USD. The fund is accessible to both retail and institutional investors who have a preference for investing in dollar denominated securities.

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Product Information:AVA GAM Dollar Fund

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More Info

The fund would invest its total assets in FGN bonds, State and Corporate bonds and Money Market Instruments with Investment Grade ratings in line with the allocation stated below:

Proposed Asset Class Asset and Allocation Range

  • FGN Bonds: 20% - 80%
  • State and Corporate Bonds: 20% - 80%
  • Other Money Market Instruments by Nigerian Issuers: 0% - 10

The Fund is particularly suitable for investors who seek:

  • To obtain higher attractive rates on investments;
  • To reduce concentration risk by way of portfolio diversification.;
  • To benefit from wholesale deposit return;

Medium risk investments with annual income flow.

Key Benefits
  • Delivers capital appreciation with competitive returns in the medium to long term for investors in USD.
  • Returns are significantly higher than what is obtainable from the average domiciliary account in the local banks.
  • Offers investors liquidity.
  • Access to a diversified portfolio
  • Fund is professionally managed.
  • Easy investment tracking online
Key Features
  • Suitable for medium - long term investments.
  • Open ended mutual fund.
  • Competitive returns.
  • The Fund invests in high quality fixed income securities.
  • Registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Minimum of 10 units required to begin investing
How to begin

To start earning more with AVA GAM Dollar Fund, you need the following:

  • Download and complete the application form and fill the online form as well.
  • Send the completed form and supporting documents: passport photograph; copy of your valid identification (e.g. International Passport, Driver’s License, Nigerian Voter’s card); specimen Signature; and, Utility Bill not older than 3 months to info@avacapitalgroup.com