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PRODUCTAVA GAM Fixed Income Naira Fund

The AVA GAM Fixed Income Naira Fund allows multiple investors to aggregate their savings in a joint fund to be professionally managed in a portfolio to earn better returns. The fund an actively managed open-ended unit trust scheme authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with the main objective of enhancing returns to subscribers from a range of high-quality fixed income instruments.

BID PRICE: ₦1,091.90
OFFER PRICE: ₦1,091.90

Product Information:AVA GAM Fixed Income Naira Fund

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More Info

The fund launched with an initial issue price of one thousand naira (1,000) per unit and the minimum initial investment is 10 units, which is a total of ten thousand naira (10,000). Subsequent investments will be issued in multiples of 10 units. However, the fund price changes daily given the periodicity of returns and management of the fund.

Key Benefits
  • The Fund utilizes the market bargaining power from the pooling of funds to enable investors enjoy competitive returns at minimal risk.
  • The Fund also gives investors access to liquidity, diversification, and professional portfolio management.
  • The Fund provides investors with professional portfolio management
Key Features
  • Suitable for medium - long term investments.
  • Open ended mutual fund.
  • Competitive returns.
  • The Fund invests in high quality fixed income securities.
  • Registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Minimum of 10 units required to begin investing
  • Relationship management
  • Market analysis updates and reports
  • Evaluation of existing investment portfolios
  • Portfolio rebalancing
How to begin

To start earning more with AVA GAM Fixed Income Fund, you need the following:

Please complete online form with the below supporting documents:

  • Passport photograph
  • Copy of your valid identification (e.g. International Passport, Driver’s License, Nigerian Voter’s card).
  • Specimen Signature
  • Utility Bill not older than 3 months to info@avacapitalgroup.com